Project Name:






Ben Stirling:

Art direction

Rest of team:

3D design: Ted Thorpe
Interactive design: Tim Smalley, Jason Butler
Flash ActionScript: Mike Godber, Robin Wilding

MyCBBC is one of the first completely safe social networking sites aimed at children between 7 and 11.

Allowing children to create their own personalised den using CBBC content and then allow their friends into each others dens with the ability to share content. Each den can be tailored with different styles of 3D furniture and really comes to life with the interactive accessories. MyCBBC includes personalisation which links with the BBC’s recommendation engine, enabling CBBC to filter relevant content directly to their audience, ensuring a greater brand loyalty.


This website is sadly no longer live. Please browse the videos and images of myCBBC in the viewer at the top of the page.



IVCA Silver award – Best external interactive media