Project Name:

Jukwa branding & website





Ben Stirling:

Branding / Business card design / Interactive design / Production

New brand identity and a bespoke designed website based on a customised WordPress template.

Jukwa provide online video channels from concept to delivery. In 2012 Jukwa required a new visual identity, business cards and web presence.

Starting with Jukwa’s branding meant understanding their business and their unique identity. Jukwa operate in a crowded technology market. To thrive in any market you need to stand out from the crowd. Jukwa¬†is a Swahili word meaning platform, and Jukwa’s company roots are intertwined with Africa on many levels. Therefore it was important to give Jukwa an organic, personal feel which would help them stand out in a technical, clean, technological market.

The Jukwa logo is made up of the name written in a rough hand written style. The style also depicts an eagle flying high over the African mountains. The eagle can see for miles and can make decisions based on a long term perspective, similarly Jukwa offer their clients long term perspectives and practical advice on providing online video channels.

Once the branding was complete, a run of business cards were produced and a website was designed. By starting with an existing WordPress template and then making modifications to give the website a unique personality it enabled Jukwa to have a bespoke website but at a fraction of the usual cost for a fully designed site.

The site was produced with a strong image style guide. Images were sourced and treated for the initial delivery of the website, and then a Photoshop template was provided to Jukwa for them to produce any new images in the same style. Since the website is based on WordPress all content was added and is kept up to date by Jukwa administration staff empowering them to promote their own business without the continual need for a web developer or designer.