Project Name:

Britten music sampler


The Britten Pears Foundation



Ben Stirling:

Interactive design / Project management

Rest of team:

Flash development: Robin Wilding

Interactive flash music sampler for the 100 year anniversary of the classical composer Benjamin Britten.

Commissioned by the Britten Estate, the brief stated there was a whole generation who were unfamiliar with the work of Britten, but through the 100 year anniversary and movies such as Moonrise Kingdom, the popularity of Britten’s work has been steadily growing.

Not intended to be a full back catalogue of the work of Britten, but a way to explore and find new music using a variety of interactive controls. The interface is designed to encourage exploration and filters the music by controls such as: mood, genre, instrument, writer, speed, date and popularity.

Britten composed much music to the works of famous literary writers such as William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy, to explore the work by writer you are taken to a library of books where you can scroll through all of the authors.

Although my personal favourite is the exploration by speed, where you arer taken to an interactive metronome. Adjust the speed of the metronome and the animated device changes in sync with your selection while also educating us on some of the Italian terms used to describe the pace of classical music.

The interactive is populated by the client using a simple access database, the data is then exported using a custom AIR application which then efficiently feeds the data via XML to the flash interactive. This makes it a quick process for the client to continually add or remove content to the interactive without the continual need for a technical flash developer.

Every slight change you make on the interactive will directly effect the results which are returned to you, making it a joy to explore and discover the beauty of one of the worlds finest composers.