Why do I say such a thing? Am I the kind of person who enjoys wallowing in self pity or am only happy when it rains? Of course not! To create meaningful design we need to go through a creative process which allows for both successes and failures.


One of the reasons that I love design so much is the fusion of science and art. There is a science of understanding business objectives, audience behaviour and guiding your audience through your messages with understanding and engagement. But equally its not all methodical and formulaic, there is an art to design which is far more unpredictable.


I believe that every piece of design whether it be a website, a social media application, an email campaign or any other communication tool should meet the brief and the objectives for the project, however the way that it answers the brief can be very different.


During the initial stages of my design process I love to show various creative options that answer the brief (usually in sketch form). I’m looking for a strong response from my client. I want to show a range of options, and for my client to say, “I love these ones because of this reason…” and, “I hate these ones because of this reason…”. When I get that kind of feedback it helps to shape the creative product into a piece that meets the brief (the science) and encapsulates the heart of the message (the art).


A strong dislike of an idea or execution is just as good as a strong love. They shape and direct the creative process.


So clients – don’t be afraid of hating my work*. Be open, be honest. Don’t be afraid to develop an idea then then throw it away. It’s part of the creative process and part of the journey in producing a meaningful piece of communication which engages with your audience on both a strategic and emotional level.



*I am confident that I will create a product that you love by the end of the process!