Designing and producing award winning interactive media since 2000. I started my career as a designer, progressing through project management and leading teams of designers and front end developers. I have a passion for interactive design and love to be hands on with the creative process.




The variety of interactive excites me, working on websites, microsites, flash sites, social networking portals, webcasts and live events, games, viral campaigns, webTV and content management driven websites, for clients such as Volkswagen, SEAT, Audi, BBC, The European Parliament, The Science Museum and HBO.



The process for creating a platform or some interactive content is slightly different but both involve thinking from an audience perspective.

I can work through a full process involving content planning for the many different stages of your audience, producing content or platforms, measuring the effectiveness, reviewing and refining. Or I can dip in to any part of that project life cycle and work on one small part. Quite often I work with other agencies who require only design or production of a platform or content where they handle the rest of the project life cycle.



Everyone has a set of values they work by. Sometimes it’s not given much thought, but the way I work is extremely important to me. I will always work with:


I’m always truthful, even when it can make me look bad. I don’t appreciate being lied to and don’t imagine you do either.


I will do what I say I will do, and when unforeseen circumstances arise I will make every effort to make it right and deliver on my word.



Sept 2009 – Present
Freelance Interactive Art Director* / Designer / Producer

May 2006 – Sept 2009
Interactive Media Team Leader at Twofour

Sept 2004 – May 2006
Project Manager at GOSS Interactive Ltd.

Sept 2002 – Sept 2004
Multimedia Designer at GOSS Interactive Ltd.

Sept 2001 – Sept 2002
Freelance Multimedia Designer.

Jul 2000 – Sept 2001
Multimedia Designer at GOSS Interactive Ltd.


What is an interactive art director?*
On larger projects which require creative teams of individuals I act as an interactive art director. By setting a creative vision for a project I will work with other creative designers to ensure that the vision remains throughout every part of the production process, ensuring its success.