It’s interesting how many people when developing their website, put lots of energy & finance into having a gloriously designed platform yet forget to plan their content. It’s apparent that content is only given a passing thought and not made a priority, and often a client (who may not be a professional content planner or copy writer) develop the content themselves.

The balance of platform and content is paramount. You can’t successfully communicate using interactive media if you don’t have an efficient platform designed for your audience. Equally you can’t successfully communicate if you don’t understand your different audiences. Having a content plan can address that balance.


Here are 5 tips on what successful content plans should consider:

1.Decide who your different audience groups are.


2.Understand that there will be varying levels of customer engagement within each audience group. You want to move them on the customer engagement journey from just getting to know you alongside your competitors, all the way to being a loyal brand advocate.

3.Identify and decide on appropriate content for the different audiences, understanding that well designed content will lead your customer through the above engagement journey. Your content should therefore grow and change as the customer relationship develops.

4.Consider the individual benefits of interactive content such as videos, podcasts, downloads, newsletters, games, quizzes, product walkthroughs or demonstrations, registered content, forums, comments, chat rooms etc.

5.Create content goals and a clear framework for producing and releasing content. Remember that you’re building a relationship by leading customers on a journey, not drowning them with everything on day 1 of your beautiful relationship.


If you would like to discuss any aspect of your website including the creation of a content plan then please do not hesitate to contact Ben Stirling